Thursday, November 02, 2006

I Found My Niche

Well, maybe.

Interesting turn of events last couple days. Monday I was asked to use Derranna to build a ship for someone in 9GYL but pissed off the CEO because he wanted to control hanger access for the corp and wants all manufacturing direction to go through two other directors. Ok, a little confusion, no harm done. But in the ensuing discussions I raised some questions and realized something important: the two guys that do manufacturing for IPRC only do manufacturing, they don't DO Manufacutring. Enter Bill.

They've never looked into doing material or time research on the BPOs. They've never analyzed the mineral (and hence ISK) savings, never tracked how much it cost to build what they have built. They kept the hangers stocked, players in ships, and bought minerals where needed, and they did a damn fine job, no doubt about it. But they are not interested in making the Manufacturing division profitable or efficient, but that is exactly what I was investigating for Kodachi Enterprises before committing myself completely to IPORC.

There is a role here to fill and it is a perfect fit for me. Science and Industry expert with an eye towards becoming Director of Industry. MUHAHAHAHAHA! Of course, first I have to convince everyone in the corp that its in their best interest to hand those reins of power over to me, and that will take some time. I've made some good first steps yesterday showing how research can save the corp lots of minerals in certain cases, and I've been instructed to expand that research further and find out the time frames and costs involved. Stuff other people don't want to do but that I love. I'm weird that way.

Meanwhile, we've been having some success in the target zone (and by 'we', I mean everyone else in the corp except me :P ) hunting the bad guys, and the local corp has declared war upon us. Great, I'm in a war zone. That means that they can fire upon us even in high security space. Wonderful.

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  1. After seeing that report you made, you've got my vote for director of operations in the manufacturing division!