Friday, November 17, 2006

Jump Clone Enabled!

Watch that first jump, its a woozy!

Last night I joined Dark Reality and zoomed deep into Amarr space to get two jump clones set up. I then zoomed back to Pelille, and made my first jump into one of my new clones. Easy as pie! That's just fricking awesome. I then sped into Itrin (picking up a spare Caracal along the way). I now have the ability to go to Pelille and back with the click of a button (and a 24 hour cool down period after each jump). My third clone is going to be destined for 31MLU to be my mining/ratting dude.

In other news, I've made some first steps towards actually selling products for profit by biulding a bunch of ammo to put up for sale. I'd put it up myself but brokerage fees can be reduced by someone with the correct skills so I'll depend on my corp mates there. If the ammo sells well, we'll move on to common mods as they finish researching.

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