Friday, November 17, 2006

What Next?

So I committed to 2000 pts for the Eldar Megabattle. Last night I added up how many points I had painted using the new codex. The total came to 1793 and it wasn't pretty. Only 262 pts in troops. Frig.

So the question becomes how do I make a good 2000 pts list painted and ready for April 1st? Well, let's look at my current range of options.


Here I have my two farseers and three warlocks painted and ready to go. I can't foresee leaving any of them behind for any reason. I've considered using the Eldrad rules for Farseer Ianthus to give him some gravitas on the field of battle and that pumps up the points, and giving him a bodyguard of three warlocks. The other farseer would be taken as an IC and join the squad to give me a Seer Council with some serious power.


All I got painted in this category any more is my two squads of Striking Scorpions. One 10 man squad riding in a wave serpent with a power claw, the other 6 man infiltrating with a Biting Blade. The new rules make the weapon worth it. The wave serpent has the twin brightlance which is a bump in points.


I'm very weak here. One guardian squad with 10 guys and an antigrav platform, and 6 jetbikes. I've got the wave serpent I'm working on right now for the guardians to bump them up a bit and make them more flexible, and rangers in the queue that I guess I better buckle down and finish. The real question is can I paint up the ten Dire Avengers in time for April 1st? I guess I'm going to find out.

Fast Attack:

The Warp Spiders are fast attack now, and only 152 pts with the five models including exarch kitted out. Also the perennial two vypers with scatterlasers are still a solid addition.

Heavy Support:

The Shadow Weavers are much cheaper now and still as effective. Ive got a selection of Dark Reapers to field but I really need a new Exarch with Tempest Launcher. Finally I have the option of a Falcon or a Fire Prism. I love the Fire Prism but need the Falcon for the Seer Council so unless I get painting a lot, I'm going to have to go with the Falcon.

After that quick analysis, I think my goal should be to finish the wave serpent, 5 rangers, and 10 Dire Avengers. That's not an impossible task. With those added to my troops area, I can weed out some other units of questionable use and have a proper list ready. Yay me!


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