Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I didn't get to play Eve today except to kick off an ammo manufacturing job in 9GYL, but I did do a lot of thinking while reading incoming reports of others getting in on the action. There are a few issues to be being a good corp member in terms of PvP:

1) I tend to be online early in the evening while most others are online later in the evening.
2) I only get online for about an hour and some operations need that long to simply find a target
3) My character is still young and can't fly decent ships for PvP alone.

Realizing this I have to make some adjustments to my expectations that I can live with. So the new plan is to concentrate on my missions and business and jump into PvP operations when I can. Try to do my part fo the coproration as a utility man, taking on solo missions like scouting and hauling to keep the hunters hunting. In a few months when my skills improve, I'll start looking into solo PvPing in cruisers and such.

Patience is required, and I'm notoriously bad for it.

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  1. I'm going to try to do some things to help alleviate this, Bill.

    One of hte biggest things I get frusterated with is getting everyone prepped and ready for the ops. Instead what I'm going to propose to the group is that we meet at a certain time on certain days with ships already outfitted and ready. This would mean that if we were to play at 7pm on Tuesday Night. That means that as soon as the gang is formed at 7pm folks are ready to open fire if we needed them to.

    This would decrease the amount of sitting and waiting for hte op to begin that I always found so frusterating.

    The Skill points thing comes and as a commander of the fleet I've found that you fit a great roll as a scout and for taking out the 'thorns' in our sides. Those interceptors and other frigates can really turn the tide in a battle, more than people realize. And it's great to have a pilot or two who can go on dedicated 'drone' duty or take out the interceptor or secondary target who's contributing damage might mean our battleships go down.