Monday, November 06, 2006

Lots of Action

Whoa, where to begin? Let's go with Eve.

Derranna spent Saturday morning organizing the blueprints in 9GYL and determining which ones were copies and which were oringals, sorting them into proper containers. This required Show Info clicks on every blueprint which took about an hour and a half, but its done and recorded. Now I can start working the group to push for some research on our originals to improve efficiency. I have big plans for the manufacturing division I tell you. Well researched BPOs allows us to make well researched BPCs which can be used in our warzones or sold for profit. Its all good baby.

Next I tried to do some solo PvPing and was doing ok, having fun and all that. Then near the end of my mission I tracked a industrial to a station but it gave me the slip, however a frigate appears on the overview. In my excitement I lock and fire forgetting that in low sec the stations have sentry guns that do not like it when you do that. BOOOM!!! I laughed all the way back to base in my pod. Lesson learned.

On Sunday night I was in on a group hunt. At one point there was 9 of us in the gang, but after a good hour and a bit I had to run. Too bad, it was just getting exciting. Ah well, I was happy just to get some action with the team finally, but I suspect I need to continue to work on solo PvPing due to my time constraints.

Next, Epic battle report from Friday night.

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  1. Hey bro. We bagged a Megathron after you left last night. Moments before I was going to log one landed right on top of us so we jumped it and crushed it. Woot!