Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Well, I was online in Eve for two one-hour sessions last night and got to do pretty much nothing. I was waiting and waiting for other corp mates to do some hunting and while people were on, they were either off in 9GYL ratting for cash, setting up in the op system, or doing who knows what else. Since I probably won't get on a whole lot for the rest of the week, needless to say I was a bit pissed last night.

I'm better this morning. The fact of the matter is, my schedule means I'm online in the early evening, and other people tend to be online and active in the later evening. I'm just going to have to find an agent near the target operation system and run missions to keep busy, or try my hand at some minor trading to make some cash until I can go out with some other privateers.



  1. Anonymous11:59 pm

    I thought you were all set for cash...the bordom is another problem altogether though..

  2. Yeah, I'm all set for cash for now, but I have to do something to keep busy and my manufacturing character is bust in 9GYL.

    Also, recent news shows that the corp is coming together last couple nights. However I fear most action will often take place after my bedtime. But we will see. Last night I was out trick or treating with kids, tonight is the shutdown, tomorrow night I'll get on for an hour at 7-8, and Friday I have warhammer. Whew! Maybe some action on the weekend?