Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Wow, what a weekend!

I got a lot of good playing time in on the weekend, so here's the rundown.

I failed to get the destroyer out of the deep Syndicate region. Hell, I didn't even get past the first gate. Couple of pirates were waiting outside the station (not for me, but I don't know what for... station camping I guess?) and pasted me pretty hard. I warped to the gate but without instas that 15 kilometers might as well have been 150 klicks. Dead and podded. Lesson learned.

Back in Pelille (yay clones) I became even more determined to get a destroyer. I searched the region and found one nearby in High Sec space that was 300K more expensive but I figured I'd actually get to warp somewhere with it and remain alive. Its a fun little ship, but not good for ratting or mission running. Too big a target and not enough firepower to compensate except against the smallest NPCs. However, its good for running mods and supplies from system to system (when instas are involved) because its almost as fast as a Merlin but has the cargo space of a Caracal. Sweet!

My funds were now down to below 5 million so I spent some serious time ratting up in 9GYL with the IPRC boys. By last night I had a cool 15 million in the back account and no lost ships. I've also been running level 1 missions out of Pelille in order to get a high standing with someone and eventually get to level 2 and 3 missions.

On the corporation management side of things, I've started manufacturing by buying a blueprint original (BPO) for Phalanx rockets and produces 20,000 of them for my Merlin fleet. I also got some blueprint copies (BPC) from Lucius to make heavy missiles of all four types. I get the minerals from cheap loot dropped by rats that the corporation doesn't need and melting them down. So far, so good. The long term plan is to find a BPO of something people need that I can produce and sell for profit as a constant source of income. Missiles are just for expeirmenting and seeing where I need to improve skills. In other development news, I learned how to make instas and been putting that skill to good use in Pelille, rounding out routes to and from gates.

In the skill development side of things, still working on the Learning Skills. Should have one to level 5 tonight and another next week. I took a break from Learning skills on Monday and read up on Mimitar frigates and boosted my Social skill for mission running benefits. The Vigil comes highly reccommended as a good scout/tackler so I'm eager to try that out.

So that's where it is at.

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