Friday, October 06, 2006


With the war with INCA winding down if not completely over, I felt emboldened to experiment now that I had gotten my feet under me.

I bought a destroyer in the Syndicate region and didn't really think about where it was until after the sale. Whoops! Twenty two jumps away deep in unknown territory. I figure it would be an adventure to get there and back. Gotta see what its like sooner or later.

This morning I headed out in my Merlin frigate Death Threat III and started heading back to the old headquarters where I was going to switch to a shuttle. Along the way I went one jump out of my way to pick up a shield recharger I purchased and then went back on the trail. Unfortunately, the insta bookmark to the next gate was setup to come from the first gate and not the second one I was at from my sidetrip. Sure enough, I warped in 18 klicks out from the gate and a gate camper was there locking on to me. Having never been in PvP I felt foolhardy and decided to try and make a run for the gate. I'm fast, right? And small? He shouldn't be able to hit me, right?

Wrong. Only 3000 meters from the gate I was dead and soon after mercifully podded to save my clone the embarassment of warping back to base without a ship. Sigh. I upgrade my new clone, buy a shuttle, and hit the road down to where my Cormorant destroyer is waiting patiently. Once I get into systems where I no longer have instas I start to feel a lot of fear even though the shuttle I'm in is being ignored. How am I going to get back without bookmarks I asked myself? I got to the station without incident and marveled at the pretty destroyer. I threw on a warp stab and two afterburners with two shield rechargers as I consider trying to make the run for it. Long way to high sec space. Then I consider just selling it and slinking back in my shuttle.

What I end up doing will have to wait until tonight as I needed to leave. Right now I'm leaning towards making the run for it. I've got insurance and a good clone. Worst case scenario is I die and I'm out a few hundred thousand ISK and a little wiser. We'll see.

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  1. Hey man,

    I've been reading your posts with great interest! Now that I've finished moving all that crap from Murethand I'd love to come up to 9GYL and actually get some fun playing in. I'm really interested in the Caracal and have been debating training the Caldari ships.