Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Spending Spree

What to do with 15 million ISK? Expensive skillbooks? Nah, don't need those for another week or two. Jump clone service? Tempting, but reality is I don't need one yet. I know! Time to reinvest in my money making machine, the Caracal Cruiser Arcane Vendetta II. (May the original Arcane Vedetta rest in peace.)

My cruiser up in the ratting grounds has all basic mods after the debacle that was the destruction of Arcane Vedetta I. With basic missile launchers I am not getting the improved rate of fire and missile capacity I could get. So safely secured in my secret base in Pelille (muhahahah, can't find me now corpies!) I started shopping. I bought 1 Arbalest Heavy Missile Launcher (best outside of Tech II), 2 Limos Heavy Missile Launchers, 2 Limos Assault Missule Launchers, Named Sheild Booster, Recharger, and large and medium Sheild Extenders. As well as a named Power Diagnostic unit. Couldn't afford the better quality afterburner for cruisers nor the improved Ballistic Control unit. Oh well.

All this stuff was located within three jumps of Pelille (not buying in Syndicate after what happened to my first destroyer... lesson learned) so I waited until this morning, got up 25 minutes early, and did a run in my destroyer to pick it all up and scoot back to Pelille. Now I've got about 10 million ISK worth of mods in my cargohold and a trip to 9GYL to make. Scary.

Also during my shopping spree I picked up two more BPOs: heavy missile launcher and Antimatter Small charges. And I bought two new skillbooks, Light Scout Drone Operation and Combat Drone operation. I was able to pick up the heavy missile BPO this morning, but the other BPO and skillbooks were in another system and not required for the trip to 9GYL. Get them later.

One last thing: Got my first fifth level skill last night, Learning trained to level 5. Woot! Next up, Instant recall. (For the Learning Skill Path Professionals, yes I realize I trained Learning V too soon in the perfect path. It was a mistake and I did not realize it until too late. Oh well, close enough)

Exciting times!

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