Wednesday, October 25, 2006

"Welcome to the Dark Side"

There is one CCP sanctioned way to exchange ISK for cash: buy an Eve Game Time Code (GTC) and then sell it in game to someone for ISK. Well, yesterday I bought a GTC and will try and sell it for 120 million next time I am online for an hour. Maybe today at lunch.

I've been resisting this approach for a while as it felt like cheating. Paying cash directly for ISK is considered cheating by CCP and can get you banned, but many have done it. However, in a forum discussion about GTC selling one person said "look, I'm here to have fun and its more fun with money than scrambling to get money all the time". I can appreciate that sentiment, especially coming from a Warhammer hobby background. I don't want to spend the next two or three months ratting all the time to build up the cash needed to get my corporation up and running. I'd much prefer to participate in the other things like mission running and some PvP with corp mates. So soon I will be part of the well-off crowd, at least for a little while.

In other news, my industrial alt successfully retrieved all the minerals for the Caracal cruiser build this morning and it should be finished around noon. Then I can start concentrating on those Kestrels. Hence, need more money!!

UPDATE: Made the sale for a discount price of 100 million to speed things up. I'm justifying it as an inheritance from my now deceased father of my main character. I'm putting 70 million into the birth of Kodachi Enterprises, and 30 million just for outfitting my newly created cruiser and some training books I'm going to need in the future. Look out Eve, here I come!

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