Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Kodachi Enterprises is Underway!

This morning I packed up my Badger industrial ship with minerals in 9GYL and ran the gauntlet back to Pelille. No gate camps and only one player in a frigate tried to catch me, but I was too fast. I gave the minerals to my industrial alt along with several BPOs and a BPC for a Caracal. Unfortunately, she was short on some minerals needed to make the cruiser so I'll have to make some purchases and running around to get them, nothing too strenous. Its all within 3 jumps.

Since I had extra minerals, I began production of Heavy Missile Launchers in a run of 9 to sell for the first products of my yet to be created corporation!

In other news, my main's corporation appears to be falling apart at the seams with some of the experienced players (making up the majority of the board of directors) thinking about jumping corps, which would in my opinion, gut the place to a shell of what it was. Not sure what's going to happen, but it does not bode well. Plus the corp they are jumping to only accepts recruits with 6 million SP and I'm only over 1 million. I get the feeling more and more I'm on my own here, maybe time to start looking for a new corp?

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  1. Anonymous7:54 pm

    Yeah, I'm dishartened by the news too.
    Might be an idea to find an ally of the "new Corp" with less stringent entry requirements. Then, you might be able to still fly with some of your old Corp.