Thursday, October 26, 2006

IPORC Lives!

The veteran corp members and directors got together last night and worked out a new plan to bring excitement back into the corp. More PvP action, less mundane tasks of carebearing and politicking. I'm happy with this and look forward to some serious PvP action.


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  1. Anonymous10:02 am

    I hope to start this weekend (I've been waiting untill I have 3 hrs to commit to the tutorial).

    I fear I'm going to go Caldari too, as they're the best at Electronic Warfare. I figure I'll need a scientist like guy for that as I'll be studing lots of "smarts" skills, like Engineering and Electronics, more so than the Gunnery stuff.

    I'm not sure what race I'll use, and maybe I can choose a char. of one, and start studying Caldari ships right off the bat.

    I'm glad to hear that IPORC is still around so I'll have somewhere to go...(if my application is accepted)