Monday, October 16, 2006

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

Well, I've recovered from the crash that took out my destoryer. I simply said to myself, in real life and computer life accidents out of our control will happen. You get back up and move on. So I have.

I ran some more missions on Saturday, building up my standing with Republic Security Services slowly but surely, a Mimitar (Matari?) NPC coproration. I also worked on my budding manufacturing empire by building four heavy missile launchers with melted down loot and selling them on the open market. As a proof of concept, it has worked as I wanted so now I'm looking into bigger efforts. I got a BPC of one run for a Caracal cruiser and I'm going to do analysis on the cost of building it as an experiement to see whether it would be a worthwhile investment to get a BPO of a medium to high demand cruiser to manufacture and sell.

On Sunday I realized that Tuesday morning I would have Instant Recall level 5 trained up and I needed 4.5 million to buy the Eidetic Memory skillbook. With only 3.5 mil in the bank I took an early morning commute to the hunting grounds and spent the day there killing rats left right and centre, including my first solo battleship. Woot! By the end of the day I had made about 5 million and scouted back to Pelille to buy that skillbook and get ready for the rest of the week.


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