Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Fear the Industrialist

I want to partake in the manufacturing/trading side of EvE, but I'm hesitant to train the skills required to make a decent go of it with my main character because he should be training up for combat operations. Need that Flycatcher Interdictor don'tcha know!

So I decided to try signing up for a second 14 day free trial account and using it to train up an industrialist. That way I can train two characters at once for 14 days and then transfer the character over as an alt. The new character will be a decent manufacturer compared to my main and give me the ability to produce more stuff for less minerals. In the case of a Caracal, that could be saving me 1 million ISK.

In other news, last night I broke 1 million Skill Points and I now have two skills at maximum level 5. Only one month and a week in to get to this level. This puts me in the Novice level as opposed to the Newb level. Next step is the Veteran level at 2 million SP. (All levels are my creations)

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