Friday, October 13, 2006

Crash! Oh No!

Back in the Eve universe... where was I? Ah yes, last you readers heard I had completed a spending spree for mods for my ratting cruiser. Well, Thursday morning I got up early and took a look at the route from HQ to the hunting grounds and saw no pod kills in the past hour. Since shutdown was in 50 minutes and most people were offline, I decided to make a run for it. All the mods were already packed in my destroyer and I undocked with hope and fear in my heart.

The journey was relatively peaceful as hoped with only one guy trying to pick me off halfway in a Merlin frigate. But I had my warp stab and bookmarks and easily outdistanced him after a couple jumps. I made it safely to my cruiser's station and refitted the Arcane Vendetta with named mods. She flies nice now, easily taking out cruisers that gave her a spot of trouble before. Even took down my very first Battleship all alone! Pleased as punch I was.

'Was' being the operative word. After the shutdown I loaded up my destroyer with minerals to take back to my little yet growing manufacturing empire in Pelille. I was heading back along the pipeline with relative ease, no camps bothering me. Still early in the day I guess. But as I was warping to the most dangerous gate, the one that seperated no security space from low security space (and hence a prime gate camping site), my computer crashed. I mean, right down and hard reboot. No warning, no client freeze, just black screen and reboot. What the hell!?!?!

It takes me about 5 minutes to log back in and I find myself, sitting in my brand new clone with kill mails in the inbox. My destroyer destroyed, my pod podded, my minerals gone. Man, was I pissed.

Later, I had cooled down and tallied up my losses. A clone worth about 80K, a ship worth 1 million, and minerals that I got from melting down useless mods from rat droppings. Considering that insurance on the destroyer pays out about 550K, I'm only down about half a million. Considering it could have happened on the way to 9GYL with 10 million ISK worth of named cruiser mods, I feel great relief. It bothers me though that my computer turned on me. Now I'll be nervous everytime I go somewhere with anything. My computer is a few years old, starting to get long in the tooth I fear. Time to start working on Kim to get a new one this Christmas maybe?

Sigh. In the meantime, I think a vacuum out of the fans and a defrag may be in order. Try to get another few months of prime playing in before she goes south. And no more runs through dangerous systems with lots of expensive cargo and no escort.

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