Thursday, October 05, 2006

RIP Arcane Vendetta

Last night I was flying with some corp mates in my Caracal cruiser Arcane Vendetta and we engaged two Rear Admiral battleships. I arrived in the belt first so they targetted me and started whacking my sheilds. I turned on the shield booster and was holding on alright while the others attacked. Then I made a mistake.

I got distracted by discussions in the Alliance chat window and failed to realize my capacitor (cap) gave out and shield booster stopped working. I look back and my sheilds are gone and armour is going quick! For those that don't know, Caracals have got great shields (like 4000 HPs) and crappy armour (like 1000 HPs). I tried to warp out but my ass was grass before you could say "uh oh". Boom!

I limped back to my hanger in my lowly pod and later that evening set up Arcane Vendetta II, a little poorer but a little wiser. Worse part of losing my ship was the three upgraded heavy missile launchers I had that are costly to replace and none are in nearby systems. Have to settle for standard off the corp hanger shelf launchers instead. Sigh.

On the upside, money making is progressing well (made 1 mil this morning solo-ratting) and once I get to 10 million ISK I will leave the hunting grounds our corp uses and head down to the main HQ to help out however I can in the war against INCA coproration.

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