Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Big Ship = Big Attitude

I'm really enjoying my time flying the Caracal cruiser in EvE. Its firepower and shield defense works well with my style of hang back and fire from a distance. Trying to figure out the best way to equip it takes some time though. For example, is the Large Shield Extender too big for my hull making me a bigger target? Should I exchange it for a nice Shield Recharger or a smaller extender?

Right now I'm training the basic Learning skills to level 5 with an eye to getting the second level skillbooks when I have enough cash. Train them up to level three so I can start working to the next ship class. Which one though? I've narrowed it down to either small and fast assault ship (Harpy or Hawk) or the Ferox battlecruiser, and right now I'm leaning towards the powerful BC class as it has lots more firepower and would only take 3 days to train for with the right books.

Of course, even with the right skills I still have that huge problem of money. I've got 3.1 million ISK but need 22.5 million for the Learning skillbooks. Beyond that, I'll need who knows how much to buy my next ship no matter what it is. Sigh.

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