Monday, October 23, 2006

Weekend Was Mostly a Bust

Due to a impromptu visit to the inlaws I only got to play Saturday morning and sunday evening. So while I made some money, it wasn't much compared to earlier in the week. I did get my second rank memory skill finished, so I'm working on Analytic Mind level 5 which should finish later this week. Woot.

In other news, I'm on to stage three of my manufacturing empire plan. Stage one was learning the manufacturing ropes using my main character and heavy missile launcher BPO. Stage two was learning the manufacturing skills on my alt. Stage 3 is the experimental phase of profitable manufacturing.

Using money I earned in ratting on my main character that I funelled to my alt, I had enough seed money to try my hand at a limited run of building Caldari Kestrels, one of the more popular Caldari frigates. I purchased a 10 run BPC for the frigate, and enough minerals to build one to start me off. Now I have to gather those purchases and to do that I should go around and make bookmark instas for the gates and relavant stations. I could probably get away without them, but I figure I might as well make them now for future mineral runs anyways. Minerals are going to be the bottleneck on my manufacturing and the most expensive component, I need to find some ways to secure minerals in greater volumes and more cheaply (or at least as cheaply) as possible.

I'm using this Kestrel run to do three things:
1) Prove I can make a profit
2) Determine exact costs of factory rental, mineral wastage, selling fees
3) Determine where savings can be made based on skills I can train.

Ideally I want to make about 30-50K profit on each frigate. We'll see.

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