Friday, October 27, 2006

So Much to Say, So Little Time!

First Item:

IPORC not only seems saved, it seems revitalized. The core members all seem to be thrilled about the return to "privateering" but are still leaving the door open for the carebears to continue mission running in safe space. Bah, I say. Better to learn by fire than grow soft. All of my stuff has been delivered to the new basecamp. All that's left is me in a shuttle to make my way this weekend, and Sunday evening begin my new career as an outlaw!

Second Item:

Sales of heavy missile launchers in Pelille are not happening. I'm wondering if I need to move to a more central location to sell my wares. No rush right now, but if I do move it will need to be a central system with research, manufacturing, and hopefully lots of mineral sales.

Third Item: Al has stated his intentions to start playing Eve! Woot! My reccommendations to him: spend a week getting a hang of the controls in Empire space but don't necessarily stay near the starting system. They tend to be very busy with players and hence experience lag. Don't be afraid to find an agent out in 0.7-0.8 system and run missions there while your skills develop. And make me a buddy!

Fourth Item:

The new Eldar codex was released yesterday in the box army set which I purchased. I have to say that the new models look great up close and the new codex is fantastic. The background has been restored to its former glory that a whole generation of Eldar players missed. It will take a while to digest the contents of the rules, but I have been vastly impressed so far. The new Autarch will be fun without being overpowering, the new powers for aspect warriors seem reasonable, the points changes have been expected.

A few things of note:
- For the points cost of 6 jetbikes and one cannon in the previous codex, I can now field 10 jetbikes with one cannon.
- Fire Prism rocks! Its not unreasonable to say it will become ubiquitous in Eldar armies, replacing the starcannon and wraithlord.
- Wraithlord suffers from wraithsight! ACK! :)
- Warp Spiders are now fast attack, guardian jetbikes are now troops.
- Dire Avengers are going to rock and be very popular due to awesome rules and amazing models.

Fifth Item:

Played a quick 1000 pt game with An00bis yesterday using new codex. I lost but it was my own fault and Jason's excellent determination. Fire Prism is lots of fun.

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