Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Broke Again

Sigh. All the money I made up in 9GYL last week is pretty much gone between skill books, funding the new character, and buying some ships including a new Destroyer and a Badger industrial ship. That's right, an industrial ship.

It only takes one skill to fly the Badger and it has almost ten times the cargo space of the Destroyer. You know what I'm thinking. I'm going to try and run all those minerals I have stashed in 9GYL down to Pelille to help produce that Caracal. Risky? A little. I plan to run at down times and take extra care. But if you live too afraid to try then you shouldn't be playing this game. Besides, worst case scenerio I'm out about 2 million in ship and minerals and new clone. Meh. If it works, I'll be that much closer to getting my Caracal and have an industrial for minor hauling.

In warhammer related news, 8 days until the Eldar codex and army boxed set! And I have a game of Epic next week against Chris, 4000 pts.


  1. Anonymous7:34 pm

    Would it really be worth it to run two concurrently? Why not just spend the extra time training up usefull industrial skills for the first, since, in month and half's time, you'll only be able to train one at a time anyway?

  2. Good question. It all boils down to what $40 will get me.

    Well, in that month and a half of training not only will my alt get the hardcore industrial skills, I can now invest in mining and refining skills, and corporation management skills for my planned startup corp. That way my main can concentrate on combat skills during the same time and after 1.5 months I'll have the ability to fight really well in space and manage my growing manufacturing empire.