Friday, October 13, 2006

Black Storm Fleet Outmuscles Space Marines

Straight up cruiser clash. 1500 points.

Black Storm fleet
Hades HC with Chaos Lord
Archeron HC
2 x Devestation CC, one with chaos lord
Carnage CC
2 x Slaughter CC
4 x Iconoclasts

Fury Space Marines
3 x Cruisers
6 x Escorts that fired boarding torps
6 x Escorts with lances and weapons batteries


Pictures here.

As you can see, despite the Battlebarge the chaos side had a considerable tonnage advantage, so the question became would the superior armour of the space marine ships see them through the initial exchanges.

We deployed with my fleet opting to cross the 'T' of the advancing marines immediately, tacking to the west. The space marines lined up in the middle and prepared to drive right through the firing line.

First blood may have gone to the Imperials as they took a point off of the Slaughter class Cosmic Fire, but return fire from my fleet decimated the first squadron of escorts in return. The rest of his fleet got in range and pounded Cosmic Fire down to scrap metal, setting fires off through its hull. Eventually those fires would kill it and cause a plasma drive overload that damaged several ships nearby, both chaos and Imperial.

The chaos fleet responded by crippling a crusier. The battlebarge was in close and pounded first one devestation cruiser, then the other. They chose to disengage rather than risk destruction and the space marine cruiser did the same.

Meanwhile the heavy cruisers and Carange fired at the other two cruisers while the space marines crippled the other slaughter class ship. The remaining escorts on both sides traded broadsides. Eventually the two marine cruisers were both crippled and forced to disengage rather than risk loss. The battlebarge had broken through the line but was now out of range and position with only 5 escorts remaining as backup. The Chapter Master knew an untenable situation and ordered all ships to disengage and meet at the rendezvous coordinates.

Black Storm win the field!

Awesome game Chris, and we even finished in two hours. I have hope for the tournament yet.

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