Thursday, October 12, 2006

Harrowing Journey to 9GYL

I got up early today to see if I could make the run to the hunting grounds where my Caracal awaited without getting ganked at a gate camp. I checked the map and saw my route had no pod kills in the last hour. Good sign. I fastened the seatbelt of my Destroyer Insisto Oblivium and hit the trail.

Most of the journey was through empty systems, but halfway I approached a gate where someone else was sitting approaching as well. He was in a frigate so I wasn't too nervous yet... fellow traveller perhaps? Then I thought, what if its a T2 frigate? Nervous, I hit the jump button and warped to the next system.

As I materialized, I ordered my ship to go to the next gate and the bugger shot me! And started targeting me! He must of had FoF missiles cause I swear he hit me (and good!) before the lock was complete. Anyway, I was freaking out, terrified he would scramble me and take me and my 10 million ISK worth of cargo down. Luckily, I warped out. He must have had no scrams or was too far away to get more than one on me because I had a stab in my single low spot.

He followed me of course, but since he was not in an interceptor I was able to use the bookmarks to jump quickly and safely away before he caught up. Soon after I made it to 9GYL and hit the base. Woot!

Happy I made the run, I quickly outfitted my Caracal with its named launchers, shield tankers, and new PDU. With the improved lower CPU and Grid usage, I was able to sneak a new shield recharger in as well. Bonus!

Newly outfitted, I head out to the belts to try it out. Found one cruiser and a frigate ripe for the plucking and found that my days of having difficulties with cruisers was long over. The faster firing rate pounded him to dust easily, his armour tank no match for my fury of heavy missiles. Fear me rats! Muhahahah!

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