Friday, April 22, 2005

The Battle for Orrus IV Comes to a Dramatic Conclusion

I've picked my army, the mission is ready, Dalton's coming over. I'm really excited about setting up the board tonight, its been a long time since I have hosted a game and I have a bunch of new terrain and the new boards I purchased last Christmas from John. Should look awesome!

I'm so looking forward to this game, even if I lose badly. And I feel like I've set myself up for a loss by taking the Lost and the DOOMed. I mean, I look at the list and think, "That's it?!" Expect full battle report and pictures on the weekend.

After this game, I've got nothing lined up except Noel on May 2nd (a bit of a Grudge Match™). I need to regroup after the campaign and figure out which direction I need to go. More 40K? A tournament? Epic? BFG? Take a break and do board gaming with Andrew?

I don't know yet. I want to do it all but not enough days in the week. Time will tell.

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