Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Planning Continued

I've come up with a list but I feel very ambivalent about it. Not a good sign.

Basically I've got the Lost and the DOOMed 2000 pt army for the start with a pretty typical 1000 pt Chaos Space Marine army in reserve. The problem is I look at the LatD list and I get the willies; it looks so weak and unimposing! Beyond the beautiful battletank it feels like I've got nothing!

Now I wouldn't mind so much in a friendly game but this game could be for as much as 5 zones on Orrus IV in the campaign and losing it would be a travesty. I feel an obligation to put up more of a fight for Dalton so I'm going to play with some more lists and see what comes up.

UPDATE: Ok, I played with my Lost and the DOOMed list and found that removing the Possessed Marine squad I could add a Basilisk, 8 furies, and 4 chaos hounds. Whoa. Those possessed are expensive. I feel much more comfortable with the list with those additions and I'll go with that.

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