Thursday, March 17, 2005


So I met Dalton at Megapower games and we had at it. I took a Slaughter and Murder to go up against his Gothic and Lunar. We agreed all leaderships to be 7 and no admirals or lords.

I think I surprised him a bit by not taking a Devastation to counter his torpedoes but it was a calculated risk to see if I could force him to start bracing early on and lose the reload ability. It worked only because he had some leadership issues and I got the Gothic hurt early on.

Dalton did hit my Murder hard and got a critical, blowing away my shields (!) but I still had one point left and was able to lock on and cripple the Gothic. He got the Murder next time but the Slaughter was in perfect position behind the enemy fleet to dog them and pound them into submission.

In the end the Lunar and Slaughter faced off but Dalton's lack of any luck for BFI rolls dogged him to the end and the Lunar lost the duel.

Next week we start the real thing, same bat-time, same bat-channel!

P.S. Dalton wielded the Imperial ships better than most experienced Imperial Admirals I have faced. Once he gets the mechanics down pat, look out! He's gonna be deadly.

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