Tuesday, March 22, 2005

This and That

  • The Gahmorra Campaign has seemed to have stalled. I suspect the slow moving nature of the campaign combined with a mostly invisible map to factions has created a feeling of being alone in space and not in a grand conflict. Improvements for next year I guess.

  • Dalton is going for a chaos fleet in BFG instead of Imperial and running it like an older Imperial marine fleet. Fluff-wise its possible although some Imperial scholars claim that the reason older variants were abandoned was because their engine configurations promoted heretical thinking more than current designs. But that could just be rumour or usual Imperial propaganda. It will be interesting to see what Dalton can do with the chaos ships. I'll get a taste Thursday.

  • I play Corey and his Eldar soon, 3000 pts against my Lost and the Dooooooomed. I expect I'm in for a thrashing.


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