Thursday, March 17, 2005

Skirmish In Space

Currently on Deep Space, the person I've known and played against the longest is DMan, aka Dalton. In fact, he was the second regular opponent I ever had starting back in my third year of university. He regularly kicked my ass so hard for years that I was forced to become a better player for it. During my year long Infamous Losing Streak, Dalton and his Imperial Guard were the main architects of many a humiliation. The Infamous Losing Streak ended when I finally found a way to beat him.

We lost touch when I moved to Barrie for a couple years, and he left the hobby for a while. I'm glad he was wooed back as he is simply one of the best guys I know in this town.

All that being said, I fear him and his voodoo Warhammer playing ways. He is one of those Warhammer Savants: those that can read the rules and see the optimal way to play almost immediately. By contrast, I am one of those learn-by-getting-ass-kicked-multiple-times players. I've had decent success with Battlefleet Gothic and my chaos fleet, but Dalton presents a crafty foe unlike most others I have faced.

Today we are doing a mostly intro game to get him into the rules and some practice. Hence, I expect I will get thoroughly smashed and beaten. Sigh, its almost like a flashback.

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