Sunday, June 02, 2024

Battle of the Bot

 I challenged my undefeated son to a battle of Kill Team and he accepted. He used his painted Tau Pathfinders and I broke out my solid dependable Vet Guard. The mission was on the Close Quarters board from Soulshackle, Uncover Riches:

Two kill teams descend on an ancient vault intent on picking it clean and making off with as much equipment and as many artefacts as they can carry.


There are four loot objectives and a robot we can control of in the middle that is work 3 VPs at the end of the game. I took my usual lineup with ancillary option of 4 extra guardsmen. Nothing says trouble like 14 activations.

The pathfinders took the big Recon Drone and the game was on!

The guardsmen immediately took control of the centre corridor and robot, moving it back towards their lines. 
On the flanks both sides cautiously moved in but only the guard secured two loot objectives in turn 1. Hooray for lots of boots on the ground.

AS the first turning point ended, both sides were prepared to open heavy fire.

The pathfinders opened fire in the middle with the big recon drone, riddling the plasma gunner full of holes, and the Tau grenadier and Infrometer specialist killed the flamer guardsmen and a couple more, but the return fire from the melta gun and grenade launcher and sniper kept the talley even.

In the centre the melta gunner specialist was gravely wounded by a rail gun shell but stood his ground, and the sgt prepared to charge in, power sword humming with death.

ON the right flank another drone fell and the superior numbers of the guardsmen started to turn the tide.

As the Tau tried desperately to hold back the onslaught in the middle, the Sgt charged and wounded teh railgun gunner. Is there anyone who can stop the sgt?

Meanwhile the Sniper controlled the angles and prevented the pathfinders from making headway on the flank.

A regular guardsmen charged the veteran Blooded pathfinder, each wounding the other. The Shas'ui leader charged in to try and dispatch the wounded trooper but my dice were hot and I fended him off. Next turning point the guardsmen stabbed the Shas'ui in the heart before succumbing to the robotic fist of the Blooded. The trooper's efforts broke the back of the Tau on the right flank.

Meanwhile in the centre the sgt killed the gunner and charged the medic. 

Their lines crumbling (and the guard getting more and more VPs from objective and Tac Ops as well as driving away with the robot), the Tau ceded the day and vowed revenge next time.


A combination of some hot dice rolls, a solid plan to charge up the middle to accomplish two Tac Ops and get the robot, and my son being rusty with the Tau added up to a solid win for the guardsmen.

The mission was fun, the board layout interesting. Would play again.

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