Sunday, June 09, 2024

Battle for the Tower

 Thunder challenged me and I accepted. The great Ork Kommandos of Grobnatz, veteran of the Armageddon wars and keeper of Ghazgul's lost toof, led his boyz in a fight with the Blades of Khaine on the platforms of Beta Decima.

I mission was for control of three objectives along the centre line. Each worth 1 vp except in turning point 2 objective 2 was worth three, and same for objective 3 on turn 3 and 4 on turn 4.

The fighting started early and fiercely with the Nob Grobnatz leading the boys on the right flank. The boy and breacha boy went in and exchanged blows with a Striking scorpion, the Breacha boy being the first to fall and the scorpion soon after. 

The wounded boy charged another striking scorpion but died before a swing as the mandiblasters sliced him in the throat.

Meanwhile, on the left flank the Scorpions advanced more carefully against the Dakka boy and Squig Bomb.

The Dakka boy rushed up and unloaded his slugs but the Contempt of the Craftworld Eldar meant no re-rolls so the damage was pathetic. He tried to run but was run down by chainsword weilding maniacs.

The Scorpions followed up in the next turning point by shooting the squig before it could charge.

In the centre, the agile Scorpions took control early and fired some shuriken shots. The rokkit boy shot a clean rokkit that took the head off the Exarch leader. The Slasha boy charged and tried to take out the Scorpion but died in the attempt (again, no re-rolls due to contempt!).

As the game came to the end the Orks on the right charged the centre while the Scorpions on the left moved in as well.

The kommano grot grapple hooked up first to try and sneak a point, but the scorpions took that personally.

The mad rush for the centre tower ended with the Orks having enough APLs to claim the prize!

Bonus pictures from the game beside us:

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