Wednesday, June 24, 2020

The Quarantine Spring and Summer of Axis & Allies

The Twins turned 12 this spring and there has been a lot of interest in World War II. The boys have been reading youth novels about the war, the Holocaust, and what the world was like back during that time period and the conversation turned to the war as a strategic event in history and I broke out some books and eventually my copy of first edition Axis & Allies.

Boom. They were sold. This led to us picking up an updated version of Axis &Allies which was a simplified version of the original and they enjoyed it.

We borrowed Axis & Allies: Pacific (1st ed) from my best friend and that went over well, so one of  my sons used his birthday to ask for Axis & Allies: Europe (2nd ed):
This version was a lot more complicated then what we previously had played and took some false starts to learn all the rules (for example, the US cannot build a factory in Sicily :P ) but we enjoyed it and its on the top of our list. 

With his birthday money my son then bought Axis & Allies: D-Day, a very different version but still enjoyable and smaller scale to finish in a smaller amount of time.
But wait! There is more.

My son, completely obsessed at this point, decided to use more of his birthday money to buy the latest version of the whole world version, Axis & Allies: 1942:

It like a cross between the 2nd edition Europe version with more pieces and complex rules and the World 1941 with the full map. He's very excited to try it out. 

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