Thursday, June 11, 2020

One Last Run for Rakdos Sacrifice

One of my favourite decks to come from Throne of Eldraine standard was the Cat-Oven Rakdos sacrifice deck. I wrote about it back in November:
I decided to try something else on Nov 13, switching from the mono-black deck centered around Ayara and Liliana to a Rakdos Sacrifice deck that leaned heavily into the Cauldron Familiar/Witch's Oven combo.

As the new month started I needed a RB deck for a daily quest and grabbed this and just started playing ranked and ... oh yeah... unchanged its still a solid deck. There is probably some improvements to be made from cards in Theros or Ikoria but the deck is still so powerful in the current meta I'm loath to change it.

Why is it so good? Lots of sac outlets: oven, Priest, Rankle, Cavalier of night. Lots of payoffs. And low mana costs. This deck can hum along with just 3 or 4 mana.

With the Core M21 coming next month I've decided to not bother trying a new deck for grinding and just ride this old favourite one last time.Save the wildcards for the next big thing.

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