Wednesday, April 22, 2020

The Warhammer Itch

This blog started as a Warhammer 40K blog. I haven't played a tabletop miniature quite game like that since the twins were born and they turn 12 this week, Friday in fact. X-Wing is close to Battlefleet Gothic in a way, I'll give you that.

A few years back, 2016 to be exact, I played BattleFleet Gothic Armada on Steam and I liked it at first:
OVERALL: I don't know how deep this game will go as the tech trees such as they are can be run through quickly (unlike World of Warships) and there will be constant balancing issues to address just like the board game, but I'm having fun right now and I'm looking forward to trying out the campaign mode and Eldar fleets.
I ended up playing the game for 101 hours, mostly just free play. The campaign failed to catch my attention.

Then late last year when Gattlefleet Gothic Armada II was announced, I was intrigued. When it went on sale during this quarantine, of course I picked it up. I'm currently at 105 hours and that's just campaign play. Its definitely an upgrade over the first game, a lot of controls are improved, only the flagships can get the overpowered upgrades (Void Shields for everyone! only you), and the game is beautiful. I'm almost done the Imperial campaign but unfortunately the Chaos campaign is a paid for DLC add on so I'm debating if I want to invest more money in it.... ah heck, I probably will.

But the big problem, the serious problem, is that I'm getting the table top itch again. It has come about because of a series of concurrent events.

Event 1: Twins are getting old enough for serious strategy games
I mean, who wouldn't want to wipe that shit eating grin of that punk?!
X-Wing, Axis and Allies, Terraforming Mars, Mothership, Dungeons & Dragons, the twins are ready to play the fun deep games that take time but have the big payoff. One of the reasons I had to quit my tabletop hobby was finding time and opponents and now I live with them!

Event 2: I really really really regret selling all my Warhammer Minis.

But especially the Battlefleet Gothic fleet. Man, I wish I had kept that one. It took up hardly any space in comparison, is fairly easy to learn and play, and was my favourite. I miss my Ninveah Despoiler class battleship.

Event 3: Painting Rocks

I know they are just stupid rocks I painted while wasting time with the kids, but it brings back the nostalgia of painting models and the absolute joy I got from a model that turns out right. I miss that hobby.

Combine all of those alone with playing Armada II and it reminds me of the fun of the tabletop version of the game and has got me asking around about buy a handful of models to try out some games with the kids.

I swear, Mrs Kodachi, its gonna stop at just a couple models! I swear!

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  1. Buy new miniatures, start again, heed the call.

    Last year I rediscovered the numbing, cathartic meditation of painting my 10mm Warmaster army (Bretonnians) that I never had the focus to complete teo decades ago. I finished them in a few weeks. I'm now onto my third faction after powering through 18 units of wood elves and starting on an Aladdin-themed Araby army.

    I can thoroughly recommend starting again. Some of the fun is sourcing alternative proxies to resurrect old, out-of-print rules sets.

    I envy you your ready-made opponents though. They're hard to come by in these crazy lockdown times.