Thursday, July 04, 2019

Divorcing EVE

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Its been over 6 months since I've decided to quit EVE.

I say quit, but it feel more like its been a divorce from a 10 year marriage to a partner that I had a lot of great times with but the bad times just built up to a breaking point.
It was weird at first. Almost all the people I followed on twitter were EVE players and posting about EVE things, I still get EVE emails about expansions and deals, I still had to log in to try and sell stuff for investors.

It was like breaking up with someone but seeing them at the store, at the bar, at friends' houses... it was not a clean break.

And then I saw all the new Triglavian ships, the invasion excitement, and the frustration of the high sec freighter gankings was not as raw... missing the good times of roams, fleet coms, getting kills....

But recently I realized I had moved on.

The CCP selling skill points debacle. The null sec players complaining about the Drifter invasions attacking their structures and not seeing the parallel to high sec ganking (i.e. being forced into gameplay you do not want) and the whole kerfuffle.... and I can stand back without a horse in the race and just chill... yeah, I made the right decision for me.

The divorce is final. Can't say I'm happy about it but I definitely feel that I've moved on.

Good luck EVE pilots. See you on the other side.


  1. Been in this for the past 2 years...still cant bring myself to uninstal... there is something in me that can do that...wishing to have that good time back...a hold girlfriend phone number that you cant get rid of...with you doing this final act, why not me too.
    See ya eve and you two ninveah, was fun...time to move on

  2. The Decree Nisi will not be honored unless the toons are biomassed completely.

  3. I also walked away from the game years ago, and still follow it closely. Kirith, hold out with some small hope that maybe, just maybe, the regime has changed at CCP. I am really hoping that the new owners finally got into the stats closely and realized how the null sec RMT cartels have ruined the game and driven away legions of players.

    I have this fantasy that the new owners have sent someone to Iceland and read the riot act to the various corrupt CCP employees in bed with the cartels. "Either destroy the cartels or lose your job."

    Maybe we will see either more indepth game mechanic changes that will severely weaken null sec, and at the same time bring back some semlblance of enjoyable play for high sec players.