Friday, December 07, 2018

In the Light of a New Day...

After a decent night's sleep and a calmer mind I look back at the events of yesterday and I can say that...

I'm still done.

I appreciate the helpful advice in comments and on twitter, I really do. But at the end of the day my industrial activities in EVE were always a casual one man affair trying to have some fun making a small business on one screen while working on another and the two ganks this past month have shown me that its become more frustrating than its worth.

I was at keyboard, watching ships around me, ready for danger and still I failed. I had to know the proper way to log off, I had to have scout alts, I had to wait for the right time, avoid certain systems, join channels, etc etc etc. On the other hand, the gankers sit there and ping a channel when a target is sighted, target me, hit F1, and get a kill. The asymmetry of it all galls me still, and has for years. If I can't casually have my high sec little business without this stress, I'm going to quit. Other's can have it.

But I think the tipping point was CCP's utter disregard for low sec and faction warfare. I was hopeful that after Fozzie Sov went live and they had a chance to iterate on that system that we would see an overhaul of faction warfare in light of lessons learned and what structures have done to space. Instead we got nothing new as CCP has gone on with Abyssal Space and Triglavians. Its their game, their call, but its not for me.

At the end of the day, its been 12 years. Time to move on.

INVESTORS: I will be liquidating everything over the next couple of weeks and paying you what I owe you. Thank you for your capital, it was fun while it lasted.

Rixx Javix and Stay Frosty: Thank you for being that new home I needed as faction warfare died and my GalMil friends migrated to null sec. I'm sorry to bail, but I think I really need a break from EVE and CCP. Cheers, and fly dangerous!


  1. Good call. I am not sure what your visibility is with CCP, but they need to see a LOT of people doing this.

    That being said, it is quite clear that many of the dev's at CCP are sociopaths in their own right, and love this kind of carnage on innocents. It may take some time, but perhaps the new owners will come to understand the financial damage these nutbars do and will purge them from the company, ushering in new game mechanics that ban ganking.

    They are simple to do, but CCP refuses.

    When someone suicide ganks in high sec, they have 4 hours of gametime to pay out to Concord twice the equivalent value of the kill in fines. Otherwise, the computer that the gank account was played on is locked out, forever.

    Each and every one pays the full value of the fines, whether it is one or 20 gankers. Whatever fines Concord collects, up to the value of the loss, Concord sends to the person ganked. Anything beyond that, Concord keeps.

    It is unfortunate that you fell prey to psychopaths, who are orgasming at the thought of driving another player from the game. But perhaps some good can come from it, if CCP's new owners were made aware of situations like yours.

  2. Kirith - First of all I hope you take a nice break and eventually decide to return to us. Of course I hope that. We've been together since the beginning in many ways, on our blogs, in Providence, and finally in Stay Frosty. I've always enjoyed your writing and recently got the chance to enjoy flying with you in space again. You will be missed. Especially here in the blogging community where there are so few of us old-timers left.

    Secondly, while I personally can't leave for longer than a few days at a time, that doesn't mean that I don't share your worries and concerns. The other night I flew thru 27 systems on a solo roam and only encountered bots and afk plex runners, countless structures (in some systems my entire d-scan window was nothing but structures!), and very little of any activity actually in space. As I watch rather helplessly as our activity numbers drop across the board, despite more fleets, more roams, more activity in general - I have to wonder if it isn't too late already. We've all been screaming about FW for years and years now, and no one has paid us any mind. As a Pirate I always saw the importance of FW as a driver for what happens in Low Sec. I remember the days before FW.

    Anyway, I stay to fight the good fight until the bitter end.

    Cheers my friend

  3. I'm sad to see you go, Kirith, but I understand why you're going. I really enjoyed our time in Aideron together and I'm glad I could fund some of your activities. Good luck with whatever comes next, keep your characters (don't biomass anything), don't firesale your stuff; just park it and check back in six months to see if things have changed.

    Later, my friend!

  4. Hi Kirith,

    I followed you over the years. First beneath my char jedi2005 later beneath jedi2015 You are a carebear at heart. But this is a pvp game. The moment you logged off, youre freighter, is the moment you lost. This is a pvp game, but its also a game in the first place. Like in boxing , you need , to be able to "accept" that you will get hit, but what you can absolutely not do, is fall on the ground, and not stand up again. Stand up again, their are anti-ganking channels, that would have helped you save your freighter, if you would have still have been logged on. You could have fleeted up with them, and get logistics on to your reighter that would have made it impossible for gankers to punch through your freighter. And in the end its just a game. If the gankers win, its their win, because they outclassed/outwitted others. The money loss is not important in this game, its not life, therefor there is no reason to surrender, ever.

    1. "Like in boxing , you need , to be able to "accept" that you will get hit, but what you can absolutely not do, is fall on the ground, and not stand up again."

      In boxing, your opponent isn't shielded by an impenetrable wall.

    2. In boxing, your opponent isnt given only a 20 second timer to knock you out for good or end up losing the fight, either.

      But then again, in Eve, your opponent(gankers) are not shielded by an impenetrable wall, either, so i guess theres that.

      Your knowledge of ganking and the mechanics of Hisec mirror that of Kirith. I guess nothing of value really was lost.

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  6. Sorry to see you go, Kirith. You've been an invaluable repository of knowledge, information and analysis that's always been useful to follow. From my distant (also 'taking a break') perspective, it's been nice to follow Eve's progress (or the lack of it) from yours, and others' blogs. It's a shame to see you go (hopefully not permanently), but I can absolutely understand why you feel as you do.

    Will you be leaving your blog up or letting it rest in peace? With so many other blogs slowing down, I worry that accessible history and knowledge will be lost.

    Once again, goodbye and thank you for all the good things you've done for Eve.

    Perhaps one day we'll both stumble back into a vibrant and restored low-sec.

    o7 Fly safe.

  7. I do not intend to shut the blog down, just post about other games.

  8. CCP you need to listen up! This is the anger of a good man who was an ambassador for this game leaving. How many more leave silently?

    Fix the game before you end up shuttting the doors.

    See you around Kirith, I hope.

  9. Your stuff...I can have it?