Friday, June 14, 2019

Pandemic Legacy Season 1 Done!

This post contains spoilers for Pandemic Legacy Season 1, so if you plan to play this game in the future, you'll want to bail now to avoid getting some twists revealed.

We finally finished our run of Pandemic Legacy Season 1!

To recap, here is where we were at the end of September...

Things were looking bleak as the C0da virus was ravaging south east Asia and Australia and had footholds in western North America. Fortunately, we roadblocked the shit out of things to contain the spread and watched with sadness as many cities fell into ruin.

Then we found out about the Zodiac group that purposely engineered the virus to try and destabilize the world to take control! The next few months were chasing after patient Zero, coming up with a cure, burning down military bases, trying to vaccinate cities that we could barely get into, and then searching for the hidden stockpile of the virus in Atlanta in the last try at December...

It came down to this: there were 8 city cards left in the draw pile, including one more Epidemic card that would doom us. We needed two blue cities to complete the search and the only player with them was Andrew who had just finished his turn. We had to hope and pray that the Epidemic card was one of the last two in order to win.

Dave went... no epidemic. I went... no epidemic. Chad's turn. Either he flips the epidemic and we lose, or he does not and Andrew completes the search for the win.

Chad flips... no epidemic! We win!

Our final season score was 676, one point enough for an overall victory.

Now on to season 2...

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