Friday, April 05, 2019

So What Happened to February and March?

You may have noticed that before my post about Battlestar Galactica on March 25 I had not posted since the middle of January.

I was having a bad time. No major single issue but several small issues built up over January to the point that I was entering February in a pretty bad state. Money concerns meaning I was faced with having to give up my Jiu Jitsu training, a particularly cold and miserable Canadian winter, super busy with getting kids to activities every night, no time to hang out with friends, a birthday that was overall unexciting and uneventful, no free time with the wife... and on top of all that dealing with the realization of my divorce with EVE and the isolation that came with it, playing games where I had no personal connection with the other players and the lack of excitement of any new games for me to enjoy.

I became a little depressed. Not "I can't get out of bed depressed" but more like "I can't get excited about anything but I'm still functional and can pretend everything is ok most of the time". It got really bad in middle of February when I tried and failed to arrange a board game night with my friends for the first time in many months and had no luck. There was nothing to look forward to on the horizon and it was rough.

With March things did not improve at first. Canada's winter continued to dump snow and cold on us, I finally reached a point where it looked like for certain I would have to give up Jiu Jitsu, and the first weekend in 6 months my wife had free from the kids was marred by scary budget discussions and sleepless night.

Then some good news. I spoke with the owners of the dojo I attend and teach at and worked out a deal that did not have to give up the martial arts, and I sold some board games I didn't have time for to allow my youngest son to continue his art classes. The weather finally started to turn warmer. The budget started to come together as some cuts to extraneous luxuries were made. And, as my last blog post indicates, I finally got some friends together for a good board game night. As March closed out I finally started to feel like myself again and the stresses of the past few months finally released their grip on me.

And so here we are.

So with that out of the way, what have I been up to?

Mainly I've still been playing PUBG Mobile through the emulator when I have time to sit down and play for longer than 30 minutes. I've also started playing Magic the Gathering with the twins (and my wife dabbles) so I've tried out Magic Arena since its free and quick to play, and its surprisingly implemented well. Sometimes playing Overwatch at work but lately its been Magic Arena (Golgari Forever!).
Image result for images magic arena

At work once a week a group of four of us started playing Pandemic Legacy.
Related image

Its a fun game we can finish in about 20-50 minutes and we're about half way through the "season". Once its done I'm considering trying to run a Battlestar Galactica once-a-week game using Vassal. Or just arrange a rematch for last month's debacle after Easter.

And that is where we are at. Carry on.

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