Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Trying To Shake off the Rust

My mom had a 65th birthday/retirement party on last weekend so I didn't get online until Monday night. I decided to just roam around alone and see what trouble I could get into, using my trusty Ishkur assault frigate.

In Renarelle I came across a lone Enyo pilot and after a few warps and missed connections we engaged in a duel. It was close and we were both in low structure when I blew up. If only I had switched my ammo from null to void... oh well.

Back in another Ishkur I was flying through the wilds of Black Rise and avoiding Thorax fleets when I came across Mad Ani, a long time EVE Online Twitch streamer, flying a Stiletto. There were lots of other ships floating around but I thought maybe the streamer was alone and looking for a challenge so I warped to a complex in Hikkoken and waited for him. He showed up indeed... along with friends. I died.

I had a chuckle at that ten million ISK deposited in my wallet. I appreciate the gesture.

Hope I have better luck next week.

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