Friday, August 24, 2018


So earlier this month I left Aideron Robotics.

It was not a decision I made lightly or off the cuff, nor one I made without reservations about what I was deciding to do.

I felt that the corporation and the alliance it was part of was moving in a direction that left me feeling adrift. My role back when we were keeping the lights on in Aideron during the dark days and during the rebuilding had been to run the weekly roam and keep some group content flowing and that role is no longer needed in the busy and bustling alliance and the coalition it is part of.

I also feel like FEDUP and the larger Gal Mil coalition are extremely focused on null sec holdings and content and I'm not interested in that content. In null sec your space owns you, not the other way around. Besides, low sec is where my heart is. While no one said that my weekly low sec roam was prohibited (indeed, it was even welcome) there was often enough content generated by other FCs and fleets that it was not needed.

But the final straw came when we became allies with the Goons. I gave that a try once long ago, wasn't too my liking.

I decided I needed a change.

I considered joining another Gal Mil group less entangled with null sec and its politics, but let's face it; CCP has left Faction Warfare to wither and die.

I thought about going solo and running open public roams, but really, that seems like more work than I have time for.

So what to do?

I decided to give Stay Frosty corporation a try. Low sec PvP? Check. No null sec entanglements? Check. Rixx Javix? Double check.

I plan to start up a Sunday Night fleet roaming low sec again and we'll see if there is still some life in me and low sec.

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  1. Glad to have you onboard my friend. Pardon us while we are in rebuilding stage, but I’ll be running regular Saturday roams myself after Labor Day. So I look forward to your Sunday night roams with great pleasure.