Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Right Place Right Time

This past Sunday night I gathered a fleet for my Sunday Night Roam and went out looking for trouble in the wilds of Black Rise, Essence, and Placid regions. News was that the Caldari Militia was out in force taking systems and achieving the lofty heights of Tier 4 warzone control so I was hoping to find some with my friends and shoot them in the face.

We were successful:

The biggest kills were all the result of our fleet being in the right place at the right time:

Bhaalgorn - We saw the battleship in space and the Calmil pilot logged off at a gate, we assume disconnect. We tried to probe down the ship but were too slow. Suddenly he logs back in and warp back to the gate as part of the log in... right where our hungry fleet awaited.

Cruor - Our scouts were engaging a Loki in the next system and as soon as point was called the fleet jumped in and warped to the scout. The Loki was too fast and got away... but as we landed a Caracal and Cruor landed trying to gank our scout. Tackled and dead.

Tengu - Heading home, sitting on the Hikkonken gate, this non-cloaky strategic cruiser warps to the gate where we are sitting and we jump through with him. No escape, tacked and dead.

Sometimes you need to be more lucky than good.

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