Thursday, May 04, 2017

Audit Progress

The first thing to do for the audit is make a list of everything the corporation owns. Thankfully, this is pretty straight forward.

Visiting the Corporation window I can quickly scan the deliveries and offices and copy the relevant items from the lists and paste them in the spreadsheet. In order to make it clear I've covered everything, I group items in the audit list by system they are found in, so for example, I've got Tritanium listed three times for three different locations.

Once deliveries and offices have been checked (as well as quick check in Impounded and Safety tabs to make sure I didn't forget something) I can check the In Space tab, showing my Engineering Complex. I took control of the structure and copied its fitting and ammo supplies to the spreadsheet.

Lastly I check the builds in flight and add them to the list. Fortunately, in anticipation of the audit I only have a few end products rather than a host of components to account for.

Now that I have the list of items, I need to apply a monetary value to them.

For most items, this is as simple as looking up on EVE-Central their highest buy order price at a market hub (because I'm not going to bum-fuck no where to get the best price on Coolant) and use that value, the thinking being if I needed to liquidate the assets as quickly as possible then that would be the price I would get. For some items, like the Moros in build, I have a buyer lined up with an agreed upon price that I used in the spreadsheet. And for the expendables, like the rigs on the Raitaru, I assign a value of zero as they are sunk costs and can't be recovered.

Finally I added the current wallet balance to the sheet and summed it up. Final total: 84,603,490,012.78 ISK, up from 50,295,522,390.26 ISK last November. That's a 68.21% increase in value if my math is right, so two thumbs up from this guy.

The next step is to determine the dividend payout which will decrease that 84 billion value and thus the percent increase in value of the corporation, and then I can calculate the new value of shares.


  1. Thanks for writing this all up in detail Kirith, its very interesting to see how its done.

    PS I'm rich, baby!

  2. have you used EveHQ? it makes it easy to list all of your items in a corp and to assign prices to them

    1. I've used tools like that before but at the end of the day, because I'm a programmer and know tools can have bugs, I'd need to verify its correct anyways manually. For how little I need to audit, easier just to do it by hand.