Monday, May 08, 2017

Audit Final Results

With the audit complete I was able to determine how much I wanted to payout for the dividend and then calculate the new value of shares.

This morning I paid a 20 billion ISK dividend payout to the 4000 shares, and subtracted that from the final numbers for the value of the corp. That still left the corp at a 28.45% increase in value over the 6 month period. I then increased the buyback value of the class 2 shares from 15 million ISK each to 19.2 million ISK each. The handful of outstanding class 1 shares increased in value from 5 million ISK to 6.4 million ISK, and the class 3 shares representing my personal investment increased to an even 9 million ISK.

I do not expect as good results over the next 6 month period simply because the early Azbel sales represented a significant portion of this past period's results. That being said, I'll strive to continue to increase the value of their investment for my shareholders.

Now, off to market to get the factories humming again!

1 comment:

  1. This was my first dividend payout in New Eden, so quite fun to see that in my wallet yesterday. Thanks for all your hard work!