Monday, April 10, 2017


I've been fortunate that the last two weeks has been very exciting for my Sunday Night Fleet, with two Sunday's ago being the Boss Fight with the Chimera and friends on Abenall and last night seeing multiple small skirmishes with various small gangs and occasional ganks.

Overall, however, the theme that continues this spring is Caldari Militia's complete unwillingness to contest for space allowing Gallente Militia to gain and maintain valuable Tier III warzone control. TEMPLIS seems content to exist in Akidagi with the occasional foray and Black Shark Cult patrols Placid but is not making a lot of progress in any plexing effort, seemingly content to get the occasional fight and kill. The Bloc? Virtually missing in my experience.

To be fair, there have been efforts to anchor Citadels in Gal Mil systems but outside of those failed strategic gambits its been depressingly quiet in terms of Orange target fleets.

After a brilliant campaign in the fall and winter pushing Gal Mil harder and back farther then in recent memory, not only do they seem spent the State's militia seems broken, as if the failure to hold on to their gains in light of the rekindled fighting spirit of the Federation's forces was the straw that broke their back.

Another part of the problem could be a general malaise that despite making an effort no Faction Warfare candidate made it on the null sec dominated Council of Stellar Management, coupled with the signals from current CSM, CCP, and Fanfest that there are no refinements or refactors of Faction Warfare mechanics coming any time soon. With no promise of new or improved mechanics, veteran pilots frustrated with the current situation could choose to turn to other activities or simply not log in at all.

Its annoying that CCP recognizes that balance changes and new mechanics are necessary to ship balance to shake the meta and refresh the environment, and then leave Faction Warfare alone for multiple years in a row. Yes, structures have arrived and changed Faction Warfare, but its been tangentially and almost unintended effects, and not wholly for the positive as I've discussed before.

I'm hopeful a new force arrives to electrify the State and provide some excitement in the warzone.

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  1. It doesn't help that the weather is turning nice...