Friday, March 10, 2017


Project Vulcan Phase IV suffered a setback last week when the alarm clock effort to protect an ally's Azbel in Fliet was insufficient and the capital building structure went boom. Fortunately all the corporation lost was a Moros build and 15 capital shield emitters, as well as the time to get re-setup and decide if I'm moving operations back to NPC station or try another structure.

On the structure building side of things, I re-opened the lines after an audit discovered some old prices were cached and the profit margins for Azbels, Raitarus, and Astrahus citadels are still worth the effort. I'm going to try and avoid having too many structures in flight though, in case markets saturate on me again.

Despite the setbacks the corporation wallet is healthy and plans are being made on what to expand into next. I bought a fuel BPO simply because our Engineering Complex is rigged for it and I had the spare manufacturing slot. Now I'm producing fuel blocks not only for our needs but also for market sale. Win-win.

The big question on the horizon is when are Drilling Platforms coming and how much will those blueprints cost. I'm 99% sure I want in on that action, the only question is what investment level.

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