Wednesday, March 08, 2017

New Era for Aideron Robotics

As part of the development of Fortress Fliet, my corporation of the last four years Aideron Robotics has been working more closely with other Gallente Militia groups that invested in the system in light of the winter assault by the Caldari Militia led by Scylus Black and his band of fiends (vote Scylus Black for CSM 2017).

One group in particular, Mecha Enterprises Fleet corporation (ticker: XMETA), a long time militia partner turned out to work extremely well with us and relations developed beyond the previous cooperation. Thus it was decided to officially recognize our stronger relationship by forming a new alliance.

Introducing Federation Uprising (ticker: FEDUP):

This represents a new era for Aideron Robotics and I look forward to the challenges and rewards of working more closely with our new allies.

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