Monday, March 20, 2017

Pacifying Placid

Over the past week and a bit our newly formed alliance Federation Uprising [FEDUP] has been conducting operations in Placid region, part of the South of the warzone along with Essence region (the North being Black Rise and Lonetrek).
The main Caldari opposition in the area comes from fairly new Black Shark Cult corporation, a decent sized group based around giving new players an introduction into faction warfare from the Caldari side. Unfortunately for them, they are smaller than Aideron Robotics alone, much less the combined efforts of AIDER, XMETA, JREX, and CRYRS.

The result of our attention has been a string of system flips all throughout Placid:
 This is not too big a blow to the Sharks, however, as they base out of high sec right now and the fights they have been getting have been great for their morale. Plus, now they have a slew of offensive plexing systems nearby giving more Loyalty points than defensive plexing.

For now we have the upper hand and the campaign has been good at cementing the alliance and starting off on the right foot.

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