Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Aspiring Youtube Stars

My children, aka The Boys, are growing in an era where a person making Let's Play videos and posting them on Youtube can become a world wide celebrity and make a decent living doing so. A big example of this is DanTDM who started his rise to fame doing Minecraft vids (The TDM stands for The Diamond Minecart) and moved on to other games with his following and now has over 14 MILLION subscribers to his channel.

Since the boys watch Youtube for DanTDM and other gamers, not only do they want to try the games they see (smart marketing and the source of Dan's income) they have become enamoured with the idea of making their own Youtube videos and getting millions of subscribers. Being the modern dad I agreed to help them create their videos and host them on my inactive Youtube channel so I can try to protect them from trolls or unfriendly persons.

Here are the first attempts. I realize the sound levels are way off in spots, this is a learning experience for me too, but if you can spare a few minutes here and there and a like (or not like), they love seeing the feedback. The twins play some Roblox games, while their younger brother sticks to World of Tanks

Terjoe Ep1 - I Believe I Can Fly:

Wilmick Ep1 - Cake Equals Illuminati

Aaryjay Ep1 - Let's Play World of Tanks

They've already recorded second episodes, I just need to review them and edit as needed.

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