Thursday, March 30, 2017

Finding an Alliance Identity

After the dust settled from Aideron Robotics forming a new alliance called Federation Uprising with some other Gal Mil corporations, the thoughts started to turn to the outward facing identity of the alliance. The primary spot to start is the alliance logo that you can submit (after alliance is active in game for over 6 months) to CCP for inclusion in the actual game itself (unlike corporation logos that are created using an ingame system of combining multiple overlaid icons in various colours).

I got the ball rolling with an idea that rattled in my head:

Eagle Icon from Deviant Art by Hegemon4Hire
Then other more talented people stepped up. An early front runner was this icon:

Other contenders started to appear:

And then this one which I fell in love with:
It seemed like it had the popular vote but then a new entry appeared that took everyone's (except mine) heart:

We had a vote over the top three and the last one above was the winner. All in all it was a fascinating showcase of graphic talent. Good work guys!

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