Thursday, February 09, 2017

Structure Losses

Out of curiosity I went to Zkillboard and brought up the statistics for Citadels (which covers Astrahus, Fortizar, Keepstars, and Palatine Keepstar) and looked at the losses since they were introduced last year in May.

I suspect the initial surge was people getting the hang of the structures during the rush to deploy them, and the slow climb is the attrition of existing structures getting destroyed over time as their population grows and they figure more and more into wars in all parts of space. The latest spike seen in January could be due to the current Winter War down in the south.

As for Engineering Complexes, they have not been around long enough to derived any conclusions but included here for completeness:
It is interesting that the numbers are so low for December and January compared to citadels despite being less defensible than them. This could be due to them being used more cautiously than citadels which often get deployed as forward operating bases, or maybe there are far fewer of them deployed since they are more specific to industry and people just looking for homes use citadels instead.

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  1. Still waiting to see if the CSM summit broached Drilling Platforms. So far the promise has only been kept to "big" and I have yet to see how it serves the "small".