Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Not only did my area of Canada get inundated with snow the past few days, my poor wife has been sick with a nasty virus so I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off around here lately. Hence my lack of posting.

I did get to command a fleet on Sunday night and has some fun scouring the warzone for some targets and kills including some battlecruiser kills against a roaming NCDot fleet, so I have that going for me.

I do want to talk a little about the end of the fleet though. The fleet had been running for over two hours and while at peak we were over 30 pilots of kitchen sink destroyers/frigates with a handful of frigate logi, at this time as we were heading home we had shrunk down to about 20 tired pilots with less logi and less coherent thinking.

That's when my scouts reported a fleet of 25-30 Templis pilots in catalysts in the system ahead.

Now I know the power of the massed attrition catalyst fleet, and even though we had some Tech 3 destroyers and a few logi pilots, I knew that was going to be a losing fight from the get go. Kill a few catalysts at 4 mil ISK a pop while losing multiple T3 and T2 ships? At best case scenario? Bad idea. Yeah, no thanks.

Since we were close to home I ordered the fleet to dock up and take a powder. I felt a little bad for the Templis pilots that formed to fight us, but I have a responsibility to my pilots to not make them throw their ships away needlessly. Too many times in the past I fought Templis when they brought the perfect counter to my ships after seeing what we were flying and I like to think I've finally learned that lesson ;)

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  1. If you're anywhere near Gagetown, you have my condolences. 80 cm is a lot of snow in one dump.