Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Rising Tide

Since the Battle of Aivonen at the end of October the State Militia have been resurgent and attacking the warzone with a fervor not seen since the last time Gal Mil tried to take the warzone in past years. Fueled by new pilots due to Ascension expansion and Alpha pilots swelling their ranks, CalMil has been reinforcing the contested states of mulitple home systems of Gallente corporations and alliances while running roughshod over quiet non-capital systems. The result has seen the scales shift in favour of Caldari with them currently holding 50 systems to Gallente's 51, the closest it has been in quiet some time, and no sign of the State war machine letting up the pressure.

The war rages in systems like Vlillirier where the fighting between militias has been at a constant boil for weeks:

This has been great content for both sides and new players to EVE get to see some small scale knife fighting in the plexes as well as larger fights for control of the systems.

It promises to be an interesting winter...

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